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Wireless Power Transfer 

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Wireless Power Transfer 

Written By: joshuadpll7 



Solder (1) 

Copper wire (1) 

Soldering iron (1) 


20nf capacitor (1) 

16vac power source (1) 

Step 1 — Wireless Power Transfer 

• The first thing is to make the big 
coil. You can do this by putting four 
nails into a board and wrapping the 
copper wire around them. 

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Wireless Power Transfer 

Step 2 

• Then you have to make the smaller 
coil. It has to be about half the size 
of the bigger one. You need to put 
an LED/bulb and a capacitor on the 
output. I put 2 because I didn't have 
one that had the right value. You 
could also put a bridge rectifier on 
it to turn the AC into DC. 

Step 3 

• Connect the power to the big coil 
and put the small one in the middle 
and the LED should light up. 

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Wireless Power Transfer 

Step 4 

• I tested different gauge wire and 
the maximum efficiently I got was 

st generated on 2012-10-30 05:21:29 PM. 

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